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Geotechnical Engineering

Geotechnical engineering is the branch of civil engineering concerned with the engineering behavior of earth materials. Geotechnical engineering includes investigating existing subsurface conditions and materials; assessing risks posed by site conditions; designing earthworks and structure foundations; and monitoring site conditions, earthwork and foundation construction.

Construction project reviews have consistently shown a major factor in delay and cost overrun to be the unforeseen conditions in the ground. The provision of solutions requires a thorough understanding of soil, rock and groundwater interactions.

Cost-effective site investigation, combined with experienced interpretation of the data collected, is an essential element of project risk assessment and management.

We provide complete feasibility assessment, design and project management service in all aspects of ground engineering, we are able to combine knowledge with experience to provide cost effective solutions.

We provide the following Field Testing Services:- SOIL INVESTIGATION:

  •     Drilling and Sampling
  •     Bore Hole Logging
  •     Field Permeability Test
  •     Standard Penetration Test
  •     Static Cone Penetration Test
  •     Dynamic Cone Penetration Test
  •     Vane Shear Test
  •     Bearing Capacity of Foundation
  •     Plate Load Test
  •     Liquefaction Studies
  •     Pressure meter Test
  •     Modulus of Sub- grade Reaction (K-Value)
  •     California Bearing Ratio


  •     Drilling and Sampling
  •     Bore Hole Logging
  •     Field Permeability
  •     Modulus of Deformation/ Elasticity
  •     In-situ Shear Test
  •     In-situ Stress Measurement
  •     by Flat Jack Technique/ Hydraulic Fracturing Technique
  •     Pull Out Test of Rock Bolts/Anchors
  •     Monitoring of Rock Movements
  •     Geophysical Investigations
  •     Seismic Refraction Test
  •     Seismic Reflection Test
  •     GPR Investigations
  •     Gross hole, up hole & down hole tests
  •     Electrical Receptivity Test
  •     Sonic Tomography


Concrete Technology is a vital technical input relevant to any large civil engineering concrete construction project. NSS pay personnel are experts of national repute in the fields of structural engineering, concrete technology & Construction materials. Some of the prominent activities are listed below:

  •     Construction Materials Survey for Hydroelectric and Irrigation Projects
  •     Non- destructive testing for evaluation of quality of concrete
  •     Drilling out concrete cores for laboratory testing
  •     Inspection and safety evaluation of old dams, powerhouses and other hydraulic structures
  •     Setting up of field quality control laboratories
  •     Supervision and execution of quality control
  •     Temperature control studies on mass concrete for dams & other massive structures

NSS laboratory personnel are having more than a decode of experience in evaluation of construction materials, design of concrete & mortar mixes, laboratory & setting up of laboratories, specialized tests on concrete etc.

  •     Laboratory testing of construction material such as cement, pozzolana, chemical & mineral admixtures, coarse aggregate, fine aggregate, mixing and curing water, bricks, tiles, masonry, stone, etc.
  •     Design of structural grade concrete, mass concrete, high performance concrete, self compacting concrete, high strength concrete
  •     Design of gunite /shotcrete /steel fiber reinforced shotcrete mixes
  •     Design of epoxy resion /poly urethane mortar & epoxy resion /polymer concrete mixes
  •     Design of colcrete & colgrout masonry
  •     Tests on hardened concrete
  •     Alkali aggregate reaction studies
  •     Laboratory studies on Roller Compacted Concrete Mixes
  •     Specialized tests on concrete such as evaluation of creep & shrinkage parameters

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