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Geophysical Survey

The application of Geophysics to challenging geologic, environmental, engineering, or other scientific problems provides an alternative, often unique, insight into the subsurface unlike more conventional assessment methods such as drilling. NSS offers its clients site investigation strategies that reduce the likelihood of overlooking unexpected subsurface conditions while enhancing the understanding of subsurface site characteristics. The expertise of the NSS Geophysical professionals makes it possible to provide our clients with high quality services to address a wide spectrum of needs and situations. Geophysics can enhance investigation of an enormous range of projects including such diverse examples as dams and underground powerhouses, storage tanks, environmental site assessments, determining depth to rock and mapping subsurface features in geotechnical investigations, fracture and aquifer mapping in hydro geologic investigations, providing detailed stratigraphic data in coal exploration, and locating burials and artifacts in archaeological studies. NSS offers a diversity of surface and borehole geophysical methodologies. With the rapid growth of information and digital technologies, high quality, routine, and cost-effective applications of sophisticated geophysical methods have become possible. NSS has dedicated itself to being a leader in effectively delivering geophysical services in this rapidly evolving, high-tech field. NSS is committed to providing its clients with high quality geophysical surveys and professional reports written in a manner that emphasizes NSS's understanding of each client's chief concerns.

Services Offered Include:

  •     Seismic Refraction Test
  •     Seismic Reflection Test
  •     Cross Hole, Up Hole & Down Hole Tests
  •     Electrical Resistivity Test
  •     Sonic Topography

GPR Investigations

  •     Detection of Buried Utilities
  •     Geotechnical Investigations
  •     Environmental Investigations
  •     Tunnelling & Underground Caverns
  •     Archaeology
  •     Mining & Quarrying
  •     Defense Applications

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